Diving in Sardinia, list of scuba diving centers
Scuba Diving Sardinia
Diving, snorkelling, cave and wreck diving, nitrox and other specialty diving activities are possible in Sardinia Italy.
As you can expect in one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea, there are many diving centers and schools, associated to PADI, NAUI, IDEA and other national associations, this will allow both the experienced and technical diver and the beginner to find the best diving experience in Sardinia.
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City: Name: Locality: Province:
AlgheroOvering DivingTramariglio - CapocacciaSassari
AlgheroPool DivingAlgheroSassari
ArzachenaCompagnia dell’AvventuraCannigione - Località La ConiaOlbia Tempio
ArzachenaIknos DivingCannigioneOlbia Tempio
ArzachenaOrso DivingPorto Cervo, Poltu QuatuPorto Cervo, Poltu Quatu
ArzachenaProteus Diving CenterStrada dei Pini - Baja SardiniaOlbia-Tempio
Bari SardoFunny Diving SchoolMarina di Bari SardoOgliastra
Bari SardoOgliastra DivingTorre di BariOgliastra
BosaBosa Diving CenterBosa MarinaOristano
CarloforteCarloforte Tonnare Diving CenterIsola di San PietroCarbonia-Iglesias
CarloforteIsla DivingIsola di San PietroCarbonia-Iglesias
CastiadasArcheo DivingCala SinziasCagliari
OroseiOrosei Diving CenterOroseiNuoro
OroseiSardinia DiversOroseiNuoro
PalauNautilus Diving CenterPorto Turistico di PalauSassari
Porto RotondoCentro Sub PortorotondoMarina di PortorotondoOlbia Tempio
Quartu S. ElenaMorgan Diving CenterMarina di CapitanaCagliari
San TeodoroAquarius Dive CenterTavolara - Coda CavalloNuoro
San TeodoroBlu Infinito Diving CenterCapo Coda CavalloNuoro
San Vero Milis9511 Diving TeamPutzu Idu in front of Mal di Ventre IslandOristano
Sant AntiocoCentro diving Coral ReefSant AntiocoCarbonia-Iglesias
Santa Teresa di GalluraBlu Dive CenterSanta Teresa di GalluraOlbia Tempio
Santa Teresa di GalluraDiving Santa Teresa GalluraSanta Teresa GalluraOlbia Tempio
StintinoRoccaruja Diving CenterStintino - Parco AsinaraSassari
TeuladaBlue Brothers Scuba CenterTeuladaCagliari
Trinita d AgultuDiving Center Costa ParadisoCosta ParadisoOlbia Tempio
VillasimiusAcquaman Diving CenterCampu LonguCagliari
VillasimiusAir SubVillasimius - Capo CarbonaraCagliari
VillasimiusPro Dive Scuba ServiceCampulonguCagliari
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