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Pictures of Isola Rossa (Red Island), La Marinedda Beach, Aggius, Valle della Luna (Moon Valley) Sardinia Italy - Photographs of Sardinia Italy - Sea and beaches - Photos Gallery of Sardinia Byguide August 2000.  

Isola Rossa village, Sardinia, the port, the Spanish tower and the Red Island

Spanish tower at Red Island village

The Red Island itself

Spanish tower

Rocks near the moon valley ( valle della Luna )

Rocks and green near the moon valley ( valle della Luna ) Aggius

Architecture of Aggius, detail of church

Grapevine yard on Aggius mountains

Valle della Luna ( The Moon Valley ) near Aggius

The Moon Valley Aggius Sardinia

Sardinia Italy photographs - click on the miniatures for the full size pictures.

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All the photos in this gallery were shot in August 2000 in the northern coast of Sardinia Italy in the Sassari province.

Isola Rossa ( Red Island ) is a village on the seaside and belongs to Trinità d'Agultu town, the latter sits in the nearby mountains. Isola Rossa is a tourist center, there are residents, tourists in different accommodations like holiday houses or residences and hotels, shops, a port populated by fishing boats but not yet open to the tourists' boats, a XVI century Spanish tower which seems protecting the village still now.

Isola Rossa village takes its name from the nearby Isola Rossa island. The Isola Rossa island is a giant block of pink granite rock. This kind of pink rock is typical of all the area and the sand in the beaches gets the same colour.

Tourists at the Red Island village can decide where to enjoy the sea as there is a choice of beaches, like the Spiaggia Lunga ( the Long Beach ), La Marinedda beach, Cala Tinnari beach, and the rocks which are preferred by many tourists. Many places and specially the beaches are ideal also for families with children.

The beach featured here is La Marinedda beach, on the east side of the Red Island village. We like it for the clean and clear sea water and for the sand which carries pink and white components, this is one of the characteristic beaches of Sardinia.

When at the Red Island it is worth to visit the town of Trinità d'Agultu on the mountains above, then continue towards Tempio Pausania and visit Aggius. Aggius is a characteristic and traditional mountain village where you can admire the architecture, the handcrafts or enjoy the green and the forests around.

In between Trinità d'Agultu and Aggius, just before arriving to Aggius you will see and go through La Valle della Luna ( The Moon Valley ). The Moon Valley is disseminated with huge white granite rocks and when you see it the first time is really like landing on a different planet from Earth, the name of the valley could not be more adequate, all tourist are amazed by the view of this valley.

Arriving to the Red Island village is not difficult, the road crossing down to Isola Rossa is along the coastal road on the north coast of Sardinia, between Castelsardo, 25 Km west of the Red Island and Santa Teresa di Gallura, 45 Km east of the red island.

If you are arriving to Sardinia the nearest airports are Alghero Fertilia and Olbia while the nearest ports are Porto Torres, Olbia and Golfo Aranci.

Nearest tourist interest places for Isola Rossa are Castelsardo, Valledoria, Costa Paradiso ( Paradise Coast ), Tempio Pausania.

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Clear sea water at La Marinedda beach and typical pink sand

La Marinedda beach, Sardinia Italy

A cormorant at La Marinedda beach, sea birds, Sardinia Italy

La Marinedda beach photo, Sardinia Italy

La Marinedda beach, Trinità d'Agultu, Sardinia Italy

Sardinia beaches, Trinità d'Agultu La Marinedda

Italy beaches, Pink rocks at La Marinedda

The little gulf at La Marinedda beach

Natural repair for sailing boats, Sardinia Italy

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