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Surfing free mpeg video and pictures thumbs gallery of Villasimius Sardinia Italy.  

Villasimius Porto Giunco beach picture

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Surfer's beach

Surfing picture

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Free mpeg video and pictures thumbs gallery - click on the pictures in this page to view the mpeg video or the full size pictures.

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All the photos and mpeg video in this gallery were shot in November 2001 in the South East coast of Sardinia Italy.

Villasimius is a tourist center in the South East coast of Sardinia, the small town and community is inhabited all time of the year while the tourists mainly prefer the time between May and September, tourists of course make most of the people in the area during the summer months. Villasimius is a very nice area and depending on weather conditions April and October are also a very good time to come to Villasimius. Divers, sailors, surfers and people interested in natural heritage and peace of mind will love this place even during the winter time. Villasimius has a very good tourist harbour marina and diving center.

Most of the tourist attractions are the beautiful beaches and seaside, there are about 30 km of beaches in the Villasimius area from Capo Boi  - Cape Boi, Porto Sa Ruxi beach, Campus beach, Spiaggia del Riso -  can we translate Rice Beach? this has to do with the beautiful type of sand, Capo Carbonara - Cape Carbonara, Isola dei Cavoli - Cavoli island, Cava Usai beach, Porto Giunco beach, Simius beach, Punta Is Molentis - Cape Is Molentis, Isola di Serpentara, Serpentara island. Needless to say the view is stunning, colors of the sand are shining white and gray, sea water absolutely clean and transparent blue and emerald.

People say that summer in Villasimius commence in April and it is not yet finished in October, we totally agree with this, if you are lucky you can be enjoying swimming in early November, but what else happens in the Villasimius beaches is shown in this free mpeg and pictures thumbs gallery. Mpeg video and pictures were taken in the Porto Giunco beach on the East side of Cape Carbonara peninsula. Not just surfers like this beach but all the area is a paradise for wind surfers as well.

To come to Villasimius is not difficult, amongst other airports and ports in Sardinia you can fly to the nearest airport Cagliari Elmas or take a ferry boat from the mainland to the nearest port Cagliari. From Cagliari you can drive along the South coast following directions for Villasimius, you can enjoy the coast views before you arrive in Villasimius.

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Surfing picture

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