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We were visiting the Valledoria and Castelsardo area in the northern Sardinia coast and decided to go for a mountain bike tour of the coast between the two localities.
This is a bit different tour from the usual tourist choice, in facts most tourists would stop at the beautiful and long sandy beaches in Valledoria, including La Ciaccia beach, or at the cosy Castelsardo old town, so let's go and discover a new, different and not busy place.
While the beaches in the area are very busy during the summer time, as normal, the place we are going to describe, though being very near to Valledoria, is a calm and quiet place all year round.
This coastal area and the Baia Ustina, can be visited, starting from Valledoria or Castelsardo, in a few hours either biking or walking or, if you can't avoid it, reaching with a car or motorbike through nearby white roads. We walked from Valledoria towards Castelsardo but stopped at about middle way at the Baia Ustina.
You'll see from the pictures that the sea water is blue and transparent, pictures have been taken in a calm day at the end of September 2005, and inviting for swimming or for fishing. Usually the best place for swimming would be the Baia Ustina beach, which is more protected, while along the open coast you should be much more careful when deciding if to enter the water, considering presence of waves and/or currents.
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Baia Ustina and Castelsardo on Background
Baia Ustina, reached from Valledoria
Castelsardo in the background
Baia Ustina and Castelsardo
Another picture of Ustina Bay
Valledoria to Castelsardo
Walking along the coast
In the Castelsardo Direction
Castelsardo to Valledoria
Looking back to Valledoria
while going
Castelsardo hill on background
Easy walking or biking
Beautiful coast and sea
Changing coast and vegetation
clear water
Rocky coast
A calm day without waves
Clear seawater
Looking down from the track
great sea water colours
Peculiar rocks and sea
Great rocks and seawater
it is possible to climb down
Blue clean water
Another view of the sea
Coast and sea picture
Another coastal view
Looking towards Valledoria
Going back to Valledoria
Biking or Trekking
We started our tour with the mountain bikes from La Ciaccia area in Valledoria and ride in the track along the coast westwards in the Castelsardo direction.
It is an easy trail also for beginners.
As we enjoyed the place and wanted to see the coast, the rocks, vegetation and sea water from a nearer point of view have continued our tour walking till we reached the Baia Ustina, or Ustina Bay, a small bay which has a small opening towards the open sea and widens toward the inner side with a nice small and protected beach.
This bay is roughly middle way between Valledoria and Castelsardo.

If you find the time to visit this area biking or walking, you may be the type of person that can enjoy a visit to the Terme of Casteldoria, in the nearby town of Santa Maria Coghinas, just a few miles distance.
There is a nice place to walk between an uncontaminated nature and along a small river.
In the thermal area you'll see the steam coming out from the river water, with little bubbles of gas, or through the soil and the flowing of hyperthermal water at around 70C.

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