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  • Sailing and trekking in Sardinia - our pictures
    • 8/11/2008 - We visit Sardinia every time we can and would like to share some pictures taken at different times. Sailing pictures were taken in March, apart from this one on the right which was shot in the summertime. In March we had good weather and it was an excellent trip but of course the colors of the sea were not the same you can experience in the summertime during June to September when you feel you just want to jump into the sea. Trekking pictures were taken in June in some of the best places inside the island.
  • A sailing trip from Capitana to Bosa on the South / West Coast
    • 8/7/2009 - Beginning of July in moderate or no wind conditions - we could not chose another date for the trip! - we sailed and motored from Marina di Capitana to Bosa stopping overnight in Carloforte port.
  • Bosa - West Coast of Sardinia
    • 23/8/2010 - Some impressions and pictures from Bosa Cittą and Bosa Marina. These are a sailor's notes!
  • Bosa Coast Rocks Pictures
    • 28/8/2010 - There is something more than a beautiful beach in Bosa Bosa Marina side, the coast outside and North of the Temo river Bosa Cittą side offers some very peculiar and beautiful rocks and sea water. In this page I have shown the rocky coast pictures. The seawater pictures will be shown in a different story.
  • Bosa Seaside Pictures
    • 29/8/2010 - These are more pictures of Bosa coast and sea. Bosa beach is in a different location in Bosa Marina, Southern part of Bosa coast, the pictures here were taken in the Northern part of Bosa coast. See below how to reach.
  • More Pictures of Bosa Seaside and Coastal Views
    • 29/8/2010 - Continuing from the Bosa Seaside Pictures! There is more to show.
  • From Sardinia to Menorca
    • 31/8/2010 - ByGuide is about Sardinia Italy but having sailed from Sardinia to Menorca Spain, or Minorca, one of the Balearic islands, the Eastern one and nearest to Sardinia, to say, 190 Miles, here are some pictures taken in Menorca.

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